Tourists Break Moroccan Siege in Western Sahara
March 17, 2022
human rights defenders

WASHINGTON, D.C./Boujdour, Western Sahara — At the invitation of the Khaya family in Boujdour, Western Sahara, US-based volunteers have arrived at their home to protect them from human rights abuses and break the 482-day siege of the house imposed by Moroccan occupation forces.

Sultana Khaya & Zayn at her home in Western Sahara

Supported by the Human Rights Action Center (HRAC) and a network of other human rights groups, the international unarmed civilian protection (UCP) volunteers, Ruth McDonough, Adrienne Kinne, and others, are currently guests in the Khaya family home. HRAC promotes adherence to the International Declaration of Human Rights.
Since November 2020, the Khaya Sisters have been forcibly confined to their home and the family has endured ongoing abuse, including home invasions, sexual violence, and injections of unknown substances. The Khaya sisters have been raped by Moroccan security forces in front of their 84-year-old mother. Furthermore, their water has been poisoned, furniture and property destroyed, and electricity cut-off.
Sign the petition. and call up the power holders to end the siege! here

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