Is Joe Biden’s Gaza Policy Leading to a Repeat of 1968?
June 21, 2024

History has shown Democrats that victory depends on making policy in line with what Americans truly want.


JUNE 5, 2024

1:46 PM

The current political landscape in the United States echoes the turbulence of 1968. The Biden administration, amidst unpopular wars and significant domestic unrest, risks alienating its base. Despite widespread Democratic support for a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the administration continues to back unconditional military aid to Israel, contrary to the views of many Democratic voters. This stance is leading to a drop in support from key constituencies, including Arab Americans, black and Latinx communities, young voters, and Muslims, all of whom were crucial to Biden’s 2020 victory.

Recent polls indicate that many Democrats are dissatisfied with Biden’s policies, particularly regarding the Gaza conflict. The majority of Democrats prefer a presidential candidate who does not support military aid to Israel, and Biden’s stance is negatively impacting his support in swing states. The crackdown on pro-Palestinian protests, especially on college campuses, further exacerbates the divide, as many view these actions as oppressive and unjust.

For the Democrats to secure a win in the upcoming elections, merely highlighting the potential dangers of a Republican victory is insufficient. The Biden administration must realign its policies with the desires of its base, especially on issues of international conflict and human rights, to galvanize support and ensure high voter turnout among its core demographics.

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