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You are here to register your Hunger Strike in solidarity with Human Rights in Western Sahara

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Please call the State Department to check on Ruth McDonough

+1 (202) 647-6575

People who participate in hunger strike

 Ruth McDonough

Ruth McDonough

Human Rights Deffender

Ruth McDonough is a 35-year-old former secondary school teacher who was born and raised in the northern mountains of Wabanaki/New Hampshire. As an educator, facilitator, and activist in service of understanding across a diversity of experiences and perspectives. Currently, Ruth works with recently-arrived immigrants and Arabic language learners on cultural and linguistic exchange. Ruth draws on relationships and authentic connections with self, land, and other local life to find community and context. Because Ruth loves Life and experiences all being as interconnected, it is an honor to join the Khaya family and to amplify their call for safety, dignity, and freedom.

List of people who participate in hunger strike

Full name             Country

    • M Edward Horgan              Ireland
    • Wynd Sethe Kaufmyn      USA
    • Tim Pluta                 Western Sahara
    • Salka Barca            Western Sahara
    • Bestmann-Seidel, Corinna   Germany
    • Patrice McDonough         USA
    • ابراهيم الخليل بالعمش          Western Sahara
    • Raabub                             Spain
    • Lee Smithey                     USA
    • Maalainine Maalainine  USA
    • Joe McDell                        USA
    • laila allili            western sahara   
    • david m. hoctor         uk
    • manal saied            tunisia
    • Consuelo Hudson      USA
    • Ahmed Mahmoud.   Western Sahara
    • Fadel Zayou.                France
    • Oum lekhout Dahi. western sahara
    • John Smith.                   Canada 
    • Maria Jose.                   Mexico
    • Tiana Sebastian.         USA
    • Omar Martinez.          USA
    • James M.Hector         USA
    • Patricia RosaLinda.   USA
    • Hasanna Malainine. Western Sahara
    • Fayssal Youssef        Tunisia
    • Romario Martinez.  Argentina
    • سيدي عثمان                    Mauritania
    • Mohamed Ndour    Mauritania
    • Mauritania.            Cuba
    • Fatimatou Bellahi. Western sahara
    • mariam mansouri  western sahara
    • ali abidine western sahara
    • majdouline aloui  algeria
    • samia ben ali  tunisia
    • hamza derbal  western sahara
    • Crystal Zevon. USA
    • UDAI ABULTEAF   United Kingdom
    • Lorin Peters.    USA
    • Issmail Allili.   western sahara
    • hayat sallamou western sahara
    • salma elyahyaoui  western sahara
    • mohamed dkhil   usa
    • mahjoub dahou. usa

    In collaboration with:

    Non-Violence International

    Solidarity 2020 and Beyond

    Karama Sahara