One year of broken promises!
January 22, 2022


Trump recognized the wholesale annexation of one country by another. If Biden lets that stand, the global implications are deeply troubling.

By Stephen Zunes | January 21, 2022

In his final weeks in office, President Donald Trump stunned the international community informally recognizing Western Sahara as part of Morocco. Morocco has occupied much of its southern neighbor since 1975 when it invaded and annexed the former Spanish colony in defiance of the United Nations Security Council and a landmark ruling of the International Court of Justice.

Most observers believed that, as with some of Trump’s other impetuous foreign policy decisions, President Joe Biden would reverse it soon after coming to office. However, much to the disappointment of bipartisan congressional leaders, career State Department officials, major U.S. allies, North Africa scholars, and the human rights community, he has refused to do so.

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